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Improving performance and increasing accountability

Across the globe, countries are moving towards leaner, more commercial, locally focused and responsive government and public sectors. At Grant Thornton, we are perfectly placed to help your organisation deliver this vision in the longer term.

We work with all types of agencies, including central and state government, local government, donors (including bilateral and multilateral international development organisations), autonomous agencies, public-sector units and public-private partnerships.

Why Grant Thornton? 

Our public sector teams have first-hand experience of specific issues relevant to your organisation.

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions and we know that public-sector organisations are unique. Whatever your goals, we will work closely with you to truly understand your organisation, the resources at your disposal and the environment in which you operate.

Governments, at all levels (International, National, State and Local), around the world operate in an environment characterized by increased economic migration, changing demographics, diminishing natural resources, rising security concerns and a more demanding electorate.

At Grant Thornton, we believe there are many ways Governments can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the way they evaluate, implement and monitor policy to deliver modern customer and citizen centered services. At the same time, Governments must strive to deliver these services more economically, providing the public with greater levels of accountability and transparency and ensuring their activities are sustainable.