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The Journey Of Motherhood

The Journey Of Motherhood

Motherhood and pursuing a career often form a complex puzzle for many women. In a world where professional ambitions and family responsibilities intersect, women face unique challenges and opportunities.

With Mother's Day approaching, it's a beautiful moment to reflect on how motherhood and work go hand in hand. At Grant Thornton, we take pride in the mothers who are part of our team. We recognize the unique challenges they encounter and support them in their pursuit of a successful work-life balance.

In this article, we are delighted to share the inspiring story of our Assistant Manager Audit, Carole Gay Quirionez Ramos. She is a shining example of how women can successfully combine motherhood and a flourishing career.

‘’Balancing motherhood and a professional career is a challenge that many women face today. As a mother, my primary responsibility is to take care and ensure the well-being of my daughter. As a professional, I have ambitions and goals in my career that I want to pursue.

One way I strive to balance motherhood and my career is I make sure to prioritize my time and focus on what is most important at any given moment. For example, when I am at home with my daughter, I try to be present and engaged in her activities. In the same way, when I am at work, I try to stay focused on my tasks.

Communication is another key aspect of balancing motherhood and a career. I make sure to communicate with my manager about my responsibilities as a mother and what I need in terms of flexibility and support. I am blessed to have an employer and manager who understands the importance of my role as a mother where my work schedule accommodates my family commitments.

Lastly is self-care. This includes taking breaks when needed and seeking support from friends and family. I am blessed to have a great support from my friends and family.

Having said all that, I am still a work in progress as I find the right balance allows me to be the best mother and professional that I can be.’’

To all the mothers out there juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, remember that perfection isn't the goal, doing your best each day and witnessing the smiles on your children's faces are what truly matter.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms!