Leveraging innovative technologies and highly trained professionals to deliver a best-in-class audit experience

External assurance is key to your organization. You must be able to present your financial and non-financial information in a complete, accurate and reliable manner to your shareholders and other external stakeholders. 

Our team can provide you with assurance services that deliver real value and support investor confidence. We have the size, scope, breadth, depth, and global reach to serve your organization. We coordinate, cooperate, and communicate based on our shared global strategy, which ultimately leads to greater consistency and better quality.

Our team of auditors perform high quality audits in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (i.e., IFRS, IFRS for SME’s and Dutch GAAP) that give you the required assurance on the financial information you use. We use a global audit methodology and global tools to perform our audits as efficiently and effectively as possible. Examples include our global audit program LEAP and the latest data analytics software. We use secure cloud services to communicate and share documents safely and effectively with you during the audit process.

Our Audit & Assurance Solutions

Financial Statement Audits

Our team of experienced auditors guarantee that the information presented in your financial statements is accurate and in accordance with prevailing accounting standards and company laws.

Financial Statement Reviews

Accuracy, compliance, and reliability. Our experienced auditors conduct a thorough examination, identifying errors and providing valuable recommendations to enhance reporting practices and internal controls.

Internal Audit Services

We analyze and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement, manage potential risks, and optimize operational efficiency, ensuring that you can confidently reach your business goals.

Data Assurance

Rely on our proficient team to conduct thorough evaluations, detect weaknesses, and establish resilient safeguards against data breaches, unauthorized access, and data manipulation. Our data assurance solutions are designed to protect your valuable information, ensuring its integrity, and fostering trust in your information systems.

Regulatory Compliance Services

Our Regulatory Compliance Services help you navigate complex regulatory landscapes and ensure adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

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