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Partnership with Environmental Protection in the Caribbean

Partnership with Environmental Protection in the Caribbean

Grant Thornton Sint Maarten proudly announces its partnership with Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) through the Corporate Community Challenge, where we are effecting real change and advancing our commitment to environmental protection.

The Corporate Community Challenge is an event where businesses and non-profit organizations come together to forge strong connections between both sectors, this includes team-building activities, volunteer events, fundraising endeavors, strengthened marketing, and other impactful partnership goals, aiming to earn the coveted title of ‘Best Corporate Socially Responsible Organization Partnership’ on the island. This is not just about winning, but about collectively making a positive impact on the island.

EPIC and Grant Thornton had already been in discussions pertaining to a potential partnership, and then the chance to participate in this challenge presented itself, which was seen as a wonderful opportunity for the firm to engage in sustainable initiatives as part of the global sustainability goals, and EPIC to gain a strong partner in its future project developments. Simultaneously, Grant Thornton was establishing their Sustainability Committee, providing the perfect opportunity to link these two initiatives.

The collaboration between Grant Thornton and EPIC represents a step towards sustainable development on Sint Maarten. Both organizations aim not only to address current issues but also to effect structural changes with long-term impacts. By working together, they hope to set an example and encourage other organizations to commit to sustainable goals that will benefit the community in the long run.

Herbert Beldman, managing partner at Grant Thornton St. Maarten, adds: "The call for change is getting louder and louder, especially to realize structural improvements on our island. EPIC has long been committed to this cause, and we aim to contribute to sustainable long-term solutions."

This partnership exemplifies the power of collective effort towards a more sustainable future for Sint Maarten. Let's make a difference together, one step at a time.